Ruby and The Retros

from left: Ruby, John, Ann and Eldon

from left: Ruby, John, Ann and Eldon

RUBY & THE RETROS ….The Whitfords on steroids!!!!

Ruby and the Retros is a northern Michigan band that individually has played around Michigan and other parts of the country for more years than we want to admit. We have played in too many northern Michigan bands to mention.

The band consists of:
RUBY JOHN: Ruby is by far the youngest member of the band but already has an impressive resume and following as one of the hottest fiddlers in Michigan. Ruby plays a wide variety of vintage country genres including a Native American/French Canadian/Celtic/Irish style of fiddle called Metis. Ruby is Native American and one of a very few from the U.S. who can play that style. In the Retros, Ruby plays fiddle and sings lead and harmony vocals.
JOHN WARSTLER: John has played as a solo act and as a band member in about a bazillion old time country bands around northern Michigan. John may be best known for his highly acclaimed finger-style guitar recordings. In the Retros, John plays rhythm guitar, clawhammer banjo, mandolin, and sings lead and harmony vocals.
ANN WHITFORD: Ann has fronted many bands over the years as a lead vocalist and backed these bands up as the upright bass player. She and Eldon play their way across the country each winter as “The Whitfords”,  settling down to play in West Texas at Lajitas. In the Retros,  Ann plays hound-dog bass and sings lead vocals and harmonies.
ELDON WHITFORD: Another old guy who has played in more Michigan bands than you can shake a stick at. In the Retros, he plays lead guitar, mandolin, Dobro, and sings lead and harmony vocals.
The Retros play old time American Roots music.  This music was in the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s on the radio from such places as the Grand Ole Opry, Renfro Valley, WLS, WCKY, or XET from the Rio Grande.  That was back before country genres had names to polarize their listeners. The Retros & Ruby John play the old styles that are now referred to as Old Time or Mountain Music, Celtic/Irish or fiddle tunes, honky tonk or classic country, bluegrass and western swing.

Our songs are un-pasteurized and organic without the modern slicked up sound or recording engineers meddling. We want you to hear us like we sound live. We might put some lipstick on them and slick the hair back a little on some of them for our new “Layin’ Down Tracks” CD.   If you want more information about us as a band or want to talk about the possibilities of us playing for you, you can contact either:

Ann Whitford 231 349-0707
John Warstler 231 330-5698