Spring 2017

We’re back in Michigan, and looking forward to a green spring.  We’re off and running in May with a hometown concert in Reed City with Ruby and the Retros, on the first Saturday in May.

Check our 2017 Schedule page for other performances near and far.  Hope to see you soon at one of these…….

One more Michigan concert in 2016 and then we’re off to Texas in January!

The holidays are upon us and so begins the busy end-of-the-year activities.  We hope you will join us for one last concert here in Michigan.  As our schedule notes, we will perform with Ruby and The Retros on Saturday, December 17, 2016, at 7 p.m. at the Crossroads Theatre, 249 West Upton, Reed City, MI.

The Crossroads Theatre is a lovely venue. All seats have a perfect view, but seating is limited so get your tickets early.  Tickets are now on sale for $10. They can be purchased from Ellen Finkbeiner, the Whitfords, various theatre folks, or by calling Lois Ingraham at 231.832.4830.

After that concert, our musical attention will turn to West Texas and 2017. For the 12th year, we will be playing music 3 nights a week for the tourists, campers, and locals near beautiful Big Bend National Park. We plan to arrive there by the second week of January.  Come and join us for a week, month, or more! We perform at the Maverick Ranch Park clubhouse at Lajitas Resort through the end of March.  It’s a great place to be in the winter, and we’d love to see you there!

Summer is here!

Summer has arrived in Northern Michigan and with it, a busy music schedule…Check out our performances around the area at our link for the 2016 Schedule.

Ann is healed up from her winter misadventures:  cast is off, finger is healed, etc.  Eldon has another guitar that he is pretty geeked about and he can’t wait to have folks hear how it sounds.

We hope to see you at one or more of our concerts here in Michigan this summer.

Happy Holidays…hope to see you in Texas this winter

The weather is still pretty balmy for mid-December, which makes it easy to be organizing and packing for our trip to West Texas.  For the 11th year, we will be playing music 3 nights a week for the tourists, campers, and locals near beautiful Big Bend National Park.

Our plan is to arrive in time to have our first performance on Tuesday, January 12.  Come and join us for a week, month, or more!

Taking a break then back to it!

If you have checked our October and November schedules, you’ll notice we have no programs scheduled.

Here’s the reason:  Ann got a new hip on September 30, and thought she might need a few weeks to get back in shape.  Actually, the bionic woman is doing well, so we’ll be right back at it by the time our December 5 concert rolls around.  You don’t want to miss this chance to see Ruby and the Retros at a wonderful venue in Reed City.  It’s at the Crossroads Performing Arts Center (long ago known as the Congregational Church), which is a perfect spot to meet your friends for an evening of music.

After the holidays, we will head for Big Bend again, and will be at the Maverick Ranch RV Park in Lajitas from mid-January through the end of March.  It’s a wonderful place to be in the winter, so come on down!  We play each Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evening, usually at 7 p.m. at the Clubhouse there.  Hope to see you there!

Back in Michigan

We’re back in Michigan after three months in the warmth and beauty of West Texas.  When we left, the bluebonnets were waist high.  Prickly pear, yuccas, ocotillos and more cacti were blooming profusely after the unusual rains in the desert this winter.  We plan to return there next winter, so plan now to visit Lajitas in 2016 and we’ll see you there!

Meanwhile in Michigan, we are settling back into a routine here.  Before we know it, the summer music season will be upon us.  A great kick-off to that is Wheatland’s Traditional Arts Weekend in Remus, Michigan, which is, as always, the weekend of Memorial Day…music starts Friday night, May 22, with music, workshops and fun galore through Sunday night.  Don’t miss it!

Winter in West Texas!

We have arrived at our winter home in West Texas…the lovely Lajitas Resort, just west of Big Bend National Park.  We play here three nights a week at the Maverick Clubhouse, so we hope you will join us.  Many friends from previous years are already here, with more coming weekly.  There is lots to do in this beautiful area, and enjoying the sun and warm temperatures are in the background of every activity.

2010 Wheatland Festival

At the 2010 Wheatland Festival, Cindy Cashdollar was one of the featured musicians. Cindy has played and recorded with such musicians as Bob Dylan, Asleep At The Wheel, Marcia Ball, Leon Redbone, and Dave Alvin. If you are not familiar with her steel and Dobro playing and musicianship, look up her music at www.cindycashdollar.com . She knocks our socks off!

Wheatland’s Traditional Arts Festival 2014

Wheatland’s Traditional Arts Festival 2014 was the usual inspiring mix of music, dance, art, and friends. The Whitfords, along with Ruby John and John Warstler, taught a variety of workshops on Saturday and Sunday. You can read about it, as well as the fall Wheatland festival at www.wheatlandmusic.org.

If you’ve never attended this festival, plan now for 2015! It’s always on Memorial Day weekend, beginning Friday night and running through Sunday night. It’s a great way to start the summer!

What’s new with The Whitfords?

As the summer winds down, we are finishing up our CD projects. We hope to have them in hand/available by the time we head south this winter. We thoroughly enjoyed our months at Maverick Ranch RV Park in Lajitas, west of Big Bend National Park last winter. We plan to return there again next winter, and hope some of you might join us. It’s a great escape from the Michigan winter, and predictions are holding for another cold and snowy one.

In the meantime, we’re very excited about our new four piece band with John Warstler and Ruby John. We’ve completed our demo. We performed in Edmore, Reed City, and Charlevoix this summer, and now it is back to the studio to complete our full CD with Ruby and the Retros.

Eldon and I have had lots of requests to record some more songs, and we are doing just that! If you’re waiting for favorites like “Don’t Worry About Me”, “Infamous Angel”, and other new/old songs you’ve heard us do…it’s in the works! We hope to have it ready later in 2014.