Don’t miss this unique and authentic duo performing early American roots music!

Ann & Eldon Whitford, a husband & wife musical duo have been playing music together since the 1960s. They grew up singing in their home Mennonite church, where every song was done in four-part a cappella harmony.

Today their vocals are most often in the genre of old two-part singing, with the tight blend and tension of the best early duo acts that came down from the mountains.

The Whitfords perform in Michigan and the Midwest, but each winter they head out for a three -month musical tour of southern Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas & New Mexico.

Eldon is a well-known historian regarding vintage guitars. He is considered the foremost authority on Gibson flattop guitars. His book,Gibson’s Fabulous Flattop Guitars, is considered the definitive history of Gibson flattop guitars. Eldon’s guitar work is the result of a lifetime of band work, playing bluegrass flattop, honky-tonk “Telecaster” lead work, and delicate folk ballads.

On songs that call for the deep basement drive, Ann slaps the old doghouse upright bass but switches to rhythm guitar on ballads.

In addition to their two person musical team, The Whitfords play with John Warstler and Ruby John in a musical collaboration known as The Retros and Ruby John.